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DO NOT CALL US !... CALL YOUR PROCESSOR FOR SUPPORT WITH ERROR CODES....!!! We would be happy to compare your processing rates in exchange for a (No Obligation) $10.00 Visa GIFT CARD...


The following descriptions give explanations of the error codes received from the First Data database. In the event you receive one of these Error Codes, please contact your Merchant Service Provider for assistance.

Code Description (NOTE: Many of these codes have been changed or eliminated in recent years and we make no claim to the accuracy of this list)

01 Invalid Transmission Code
03 Terminal ID not setup for settlement on this Card Type
04 Terminal ID not setup for authorization on this Card Type
05 Invalid Card Expiration Date
06 Invalid Process Code, Authorization Type or Card Type
07 Invalid Transaction or Other Dollar Amount
08 Invalid Entry Mode
09 Invalid Card Present Flag
10 Invalid Customer Present Flag
11 Invalid Transaction Count Value
12 Invalid Terminal Type
13 Invalid Terminal Capability
14 Invalid Source ID
15 Invalid Summary ID
16 Invalid Mag Stripe Data
17 Invalid Invoice Number
18 Invalid Transaction Date or Time
19 Invalid Bankcard Merchant Number in First data Database
20 File Access Error in First Data Database
26 Terminal Flagged as Inactive in First Data Database
27 Invalid Merchant/Terminal ID Combination
30 Unrecoverable Database Error from an Authorization Process
31 Database Access Lock Encountered
33 Database Error in Summary Process
43 Transaction ID Invalid, Incorrect or Out of Sequence
51 Terminal Flagged as Not Useable (Violated) in First Data Database
54 Terminal ID Not Setup on First Data Database for Leased Line Access
57 Terminal is Not Programmed for This Service
59 Settle Trans for Summary ID where earlier Settle Trans still Open
60 Invalid Account Number found by Authorization Process
61 Invalid Settlement Data found in Summary Process (Trans level)
62 Invalid Settlement Data or a "Future" Date found in Summary Process (Summary level)
80 Invalid Payment Service data found in Summary Process (Trans Level)
98 General System Error


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